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Complete, entire bullshit


Description of Incident/Performance:

Overall Kyle has displayed in certain situations a lack of respect for owner by engaging in argumentative behavior in regards to cleaning, maintaining company property, as well to management by not reacting with a sense of urgency when asked to complete tasks, or the speed of service of the flow of food through the kitchen when placed in a main position. Going forward Kyle is nofified that he should not get confrontational with management or owners and complete task and job duties as requested and or as required with a sense of urgency, without argument, We help each other out and we work together as a team. Kyle needs to take initiative and ownership of his role and give his due diligence in his duties, as quickly, safely and effectively as trained or told by management or owners. A positive attitude and reflection onto others needs to be developed. And further violations of company policies or procedures, or disrespectful argumentative behavior will result in further disciplinary action but not limited to suspension leading up to termination.

Recommended Action:

Follow all prep schedules to ensure we do not run out of core products, assist team mates when able, follow direction from supervisors/manager always, and maintain a sense of urgency and positive attitude. This will be monitored daily by the leadership team for corrective action as noted above.


Firstly this came to myself as a complete and utter surprise. I wasn’t aware that I was to be receiving this. That alone shows that I hadn’t been approached(at least that I remember) with insight that I was failing their demands or otherwise flunking. Obviously instead of proper coaching their preferred method is to pull these out toy with you like an object.Well as with many others who’ve received write-ups, I found this to be nothing but BS. That lack of respect for the owner and engaging in argumentative behavior: Let me explain that. It wasn’t often the owner came here. I took a job on by myself which isn’t even required. I was cleaning some of the hoods which collect airborne grease, a job which actually they’d pay an outside source to do time to time, and here I was doing it on my own. Well I was in the middle of this when a sudden bit of a rush came. The owner happened to come in just at that time and questioned my cleaning, then saying: “You’ve got to get on the line!” So I placed this down and got on the line. He then continued on my having that job unfinished and told me to clean it up. As soon as I began doing that he commented on now how the line was now going to move slower and told me to get back on the line(again). As soon as he did that, again he commented on my left behind job I had given myself with down time. I do believe that he wanted me to return to it(again) as though he couldn’t make up his mind OR was “jerking me around”. And of course I didn’t like that, but I am rather chill and easy-going. I merely asked: “Okay where do you want me!?” He let me stay on the line at that point and actually chilled right out, even commenting right then that it’s okay and it’s simply: “Murphy’s law”that would happen. And that right there is the argumentative behavior you read about. As for anyone who knows me the statement that I must develop a positive attitude and reflection onto others is an entirely unwarranted and falsified claim. I’m naturally nurturing to others and even housed three co-workers from there – one of whom I still reside with! My personality is a humanist. I come naturally as a humanitarian and have cared well for others for many years.I pushed on and continued working there, but only because I needed the money. I look back here now and am repelled by the way in which I was treated. Really I wish I had quit so much sooner. I at least have some happiness in the fact that I happened to leave this job suddenly without notice. That place no longer deserved me after their unfair ways.This is why I’m delighted to create this website, a first of it’s kind. Write-ups are all too often unwarranted or not entirely justified. As I mentioned before at least better coaching could be considered before “stunning” workers with “Corrective action forms”. If not used fairly I don’t believe these write-ups do any good at all. And with that said I am, again entirely delighted to introduce my website. It is my hope to collect the worlds largest and most dedicated archive of workplace write-ups among of course – workplace stories, too.

Kyle O’Connor, Huntsville, Ontario


I Guess It’s Called Irony

Back when my current manager was the assistant manager, she complained about me to our manager, saying that I would come in to work, look at the task sheet and then just go to work without a word. I wasn’t formally written up about it, but my manager did take me aside and talk with me. I was genuinely puzzled at first. I mean, isn’t that what you do at work? Work? What was the issue? It never occurred to me that my coworker saw this as a snub. So I trained myself to slow down and take a few minutes at the beginning of every shift to socialize with my coworkers.This former assistant manager is now our manager. I have continued the practice of socializing with my coworkers, and yet now this same person is grumbling about the amount of time we spend chatting. Go figure …

Anonymous, Anonmousville

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