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Truth be told, I didn’t want a donation page.

I already had enough pages, and I don’t like asking for money.

I had simply wanted a button on each page with a direct link to paypal if people cared to support the site.

Well that button(the Green one you clicked on to get here) simply wasn’t working for myself using the paypal link. For some reason it was forcing this particular websites domain in front of the paypal link like this: and wouldn’t you know that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. So I devised the idea to create a donations page and have that button direct you all here. I figure now that it was meant to be, and now I can explain myself/elaborate on donations more clearly without junking up the information elsewhere on the site. Win!

I also figure this would be a great spot to flaunt the names of those who donate, or elsewhere on the site, perhaps, if you wish. I’m quite approachable, so please feel free to contact myself regarding anything.

I’ll update this page as need be.  Thanks for stopping by!

Kyle O’Connor, Huntsville. Creator of KCR.

Thanks for stopping by!

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This website does not engage in vigorous spell checking nor does it have an intangible marriage with grammar.
Besides the point of unsubstantial funding, this website is about a sense of ease. That means little worry – for all of us.

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