Contests – The only way we advertise!

Free stuff. Yes it’s true, and everything is explained below.

Hi everyone! KCR CEO here. As I type this, the website you are visiting is tremendously new. New is nice, but that also means zero reputation or awareness. Advertisements are one way to go, but I’m too different for that.

Why pay corporations who are already financially cozy when I can reward visitors and contributors instead?  I am by no means a business man, but I am honest, giving and creative. I feel people who contribute to my website deserve money eons before any advertising corporation – even if such contribution is simply a visit. It is a present plan to never spend any money on advertising ever, but to do the giveaways instead.

Sounds cliché, but my risk is your opportunity. So good luck! ^_~

Current contest(s):

There are currently no contests. Check back soon. -_-;;

Ways we’ll give:

  • Christmas giveaways
  • Milestone(gifts for 100 likes, 500 likes, 1000 likes e.g.)
  • Sharing contests(like and share the Facebook page).
  • Story Submission contest(write a blurb about your job).

What we’ll give:

Cash prizes, seven year pens, coffee, CD’s, DVD’s, games & more.

Archived giveaways:

(come and gone, but here they are)

Dec 25/2015  $25 gas card in an initial Facebook page launch like contest. {N.R}

Dec 25/2015  $10 cash in an initial Facebook page launch like contest. {C.H}

Dec 10/2015  $20 in a pre-website story entry contest. {R.T}

Dec 10/2015  $10 in a pre-website story entry contest. {C.O}

Many more giveaways to come.

Thanks for stopping by!

The content in this archive is collected from freely submitted stories by individuals worldwide.
Due to the nature of submissions, all are unique, often unexpected and always unrated.

This website does not engage in vigorous spell checking nor does it have an intangible marriage with grammar.
Besides the point of unsubstantial funding, this website is about a sense of ease. That means little worry – for all of us.

If the odd “butt” instead of “but” is too much for you to handle then we’re sorry you’re anal. :3

This website intends to provide enjoyment with the most pleasant or otherwise unique reading material around.
We hope, if that isn’t enough – that you may enjoy the opportunity in sharing your own story.

A sincere thank you to everyone who visits. Wishing you a stress-free day and longevity. – KCR Staff. <3

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