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| Dis-connected.

I used to work in a call center for internet/home phone/tv tech support. When a customer was particularly rude for no reason, I would keep their account number saved. Throughout the day I would reset people’s modems and cause their internet to go out. Repeatedly. For weeks.

Additional comments left by the author:
For all you getting your panties in a bunch:
I only did this to two or three people. I understand they may have had shit service or dealt with shit people before talking to me, but I had never spoken to them prior. I let them know I was doing everything I was allowed to, and even going to multiple escalation employees and supervisors to try anything I possibly could to fix their problem. They continued to yell and curse at me after I had gone above and beyond for them. So yes, I did the petty and immature thing and got my revenge. I ultimately quit the job after too many instances of “company policies” preventing me from helping customers.

Anonymous, Anonymousville

| Thru-patience.

I used to work at a drive thru burger joint. There was one lady who would come through at least once a week. She would order one large root beer, nothing else. Our goal was to make the customer happy, so if someone in the drive thru ordered only drinks, we would bring the drink back to the first window so they could enjoy it while they waited in line (since the drive thru sometimes took a while as everything was made fresh to order). Since the person at the first window handles money, the woman refused to take the drink from them, even though they didn’t have any part in making the drink, they were just handing her the cup. She would demand a new drink and cup. One day my coworker brought her drink back to me at the second window, and as soon as she pulled up, she rudely asked if it was a new one. I smiled and told her yes! She went on her way not knowing any different. Moral of the story, if you are going to be that picky about your drink, then walk inside and fill it yourself. As much as I wanted to spit in her drink for doing this over and over again, it wasn’t worth losing my job over.

Anonymous, Anonymousville

| Tissue tense.

So I quit one of my cleaning clients today When I clean bathrooms I make the toilet paper into a point. I was cleaning the kitchen and she comes in and asked me why I keep doing that It’s or not a big deal here ok, well if the old cunt doesn’t tell me to kiss her arse! Not to move her stuff around keep it the way she likes it and so on. So after she was done reaming me out and went back into the other room , I gathered my stuff and told her that she handled that poorly and to tell me to kiss her ass was not necessary and to keep her 20$ I quit! And walked out.

Anonymous, Anonymousville

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