The greatness of this website is the sharing of genuine stories originating from the workplace. Every single story is unique, and given the fact they all originate from someone performing their duty on the job simply amplifies the awkward, funny, odd and otherwise entertaining situations individuals have found themselves in.

Additional beauty is the ability to reach out to the world!..

This website allows any person from any job to share experiences, lessons and  situations that they have found themselves in. It doesn’t matter how small a job you have, this is a place in which you can be heard and people will enjoy your words. In this sense anyone can express themselves and solidify the change and memories they have been a part of in this world.

If your job isn’t already rewarding enough, we hope that your expression to the world wide web of your job and it’s adventures will be ^.^

There’s more 😮

In addition this website also features games specially chose for their simplistic joy to allow a casual feel and promote relaxation. *games link*

There are yet more extras such as exclusive articles, news & videos which can be found on this website, and enjoy the experience. Surf’s Up!

Yet more details on the creation of this website – for extremely curious and bored people alike ^_^

The “Big Bang” of KCR explained below:

Isn’t it amazing how ideas become things?

This website, like all other creations and inventions began as a thought.

My name is Kyle O’Connor(Founder of KCR) and this website idea came to myself from the migration of many previous ideas before it.

I have worked many ordinary, if not lesser jobs than the average person. Beginning with dishwashing, a line cook, moving to a grocery store where I still reside, and more. Along this path I learned the little appreciation workplaces can have and how management can make the difference between wanting to stay or parting paths.

I came to the thought of potentially creating my own website in which employees would be able to review their employers. A great idea – maybe, but the idea evolved into something much greater with time. Eventually I came to the grandest idea of having a website dedicated to the endless transpiring stories of our work life.

I consciously dreamt up the name Keep Calm & Retire, an obvious take on the well known motivational poster. What can be seen as a subtle joke at how many of us may wish we could(retire), the word(retire) also doubles by depicting additional intent of this website – to be a place of rest and retreat.


Thanks a Lattee!

A sinscere thank you to many friends & supporters of this creation.

Well I’m fortunate to have friends, and some of them stood out amongst others very well during the production of this website, encouraging me and stating that they love the idea. Here is a true thank you to all who saw my vision and expressed their care. As best as I can remember:

Judson: “How’s the website coming along!”

Judson had this to say almost each and every time we ran into each other ^.^

Thanks Judd!

Natalie: A coworker and one of my few truest friends who I generally speak to every day. Times over Natalie has discussed how happy she is for myself to be creating this website and I believe her true joy for my success to be greater than my own!

Thanks Natalie!

Natalie G: Natalie is one of the healthiest friends I have. She often builds my ego which can at times be withered. A seriously true friend. Few like these exist.

Thank you Natalie!

Lisa(sporting the KCR business card as a bookmark @ work ^_^

Rebecca: Proven to be amongst my truest of friends and who’s help I’ll never forget(comforting me in difficult times), and of course so much more! I can’t ever repay you. Here’s sending you lots of love and the best vibes possible. Thank you!

Other mentions:

Ashley’s Vibes, Sandra, and others.
I am blessed with friends and it isn’t at all my intent to have missed anyone here if I did!


If anyone says anything good, or bad we’ll post it here. :3